Social Media Managers: Increasing the Use of Social Media

Social media are technological interfaces that enable the generation or sharing/ exchange of information, thoughts, feelings, interests, and various forms of expression through online networks and virtual communities. Social media systems provide a platform for individuals to develop their own communication processes with people from different walks of life, from different countries and from different parts of the world. It helps in easy identification, and transmission of messages, with the help of various communication protocols.

This is true that social media may be termed as a medium to share one’s thoughts, feelings and emotions, irrespective of the country or the religion. But this is also not the end of it. Just like other media platforms like newspapers, magazines, and television, these social media may be used for disseminating or broadcasting messages. However, social media companies claim that they are providing different kinds of services, which include publishing and distributing information on various topics. They claim that they do not disseminate false information through these platforms.

In fact, social media has the power to reach out to the global community at large. And this is one of the reasons why a lot of organizations have taken help of social networking platforms to reach out to a larger audience. The internet has a reach beyond the boundaries of a single geographical area, and with the help of social networking websites, organizations can make their presence felt in an international arena. Moreover, the use of social networking software enables organizations to share information of various kinds, such as news, product and service updates, press releases, and images, among others.

On the other hand, one major reason why organizations are moving towards social media is because they are realizing that there are various benefits in getting connected through various platforms. One of the main advantages in using these tools is that it helps them save money, time and effort. By getting in touch with existing customers, present or potential, it becomes easier to build long term relations and trust. The latest addition to the list is the twitter network, which is now being used by almost every organization in the world. Companies, especially those who have a dedicated presence on the web, can also benefit a lot from shopping networks, LinkedIn networks, Facebook networks, etc.

Shopping Centres, like Retailers, say that they have seen an increased footfall on their websites, especially on instagram. Twitter too has seen an increase in traffic, especially from the users in the US. While instagram does not have a dedicated user base in the US, it is still being used by many companies for promoting their products. This is why Social Media Managers and Social Media Consultants say that there is a great amount of scope for companies to gain exposure, as a result of their presence on social media. Even though companies are spending more time on instagram, for promotions, it is important to note that it is not essential for every company to have an instagram account.

Yildirim continues to believe that more businesses would be open sourcing their technologies, and as such, would take advantage of social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. He further says that this will give rise to developers creating games and applications specifically for mobile devices, which would help these companies market themselves better. Facebook and Twitter have recently introduced apps that can be accessed from a mobile device. The apps have become very popular among teenagers and younger users, and Yildirim sees them becoming increasingly popular amongst large corporate organizations too. In the future, Yildirim believes that more businesses will take advantage of these platforms.

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