Popular Types of Social Media

What is Social Media? Social media are online interactive technologies which enable the sharing or creation/interaction of ideas, opinions, interests, and various types of message through virtual interpersonal networks and online communities. There are many forms of Social Media, including Blogs, Newsgroups, Groups, Discussion Forums, Message Board Systems, and RSS Feeds, to name a few. Social media provide users with the ability to create interpersonal relationships, such as friendship, love, business dealings, news updates, and much more.


With the use of social media, one can easily share information and communicate with others in far off lands. The ease at which information can be shared is unmatched by any other means. One can create a profile, create a page in a social network website, upload pictures, videos, podcasts and more. The possibilities are almost endless. Through SMM, one can easily engage, develop relationships, interact socially, create fan pages, upload files, provide reviews, provide ratings, and much more.

The reason SMM has become so popular has to do with the rapid expansion of the Internet. Social networking websites and platforms were first established during the early to mid 90’s. During that period, there were only a small number of social networks like Friendster and Myspace. In the last few years, however, the Internet has exploded. Now there are billions of people using the Internet daily, and this number is growing faster than any other technology or medium today.

One of the advantages of SMM is that it allows easy communication between people from different social networks. For instance, a university student from a different country may be able to share his/her knowledge and experience with fellow university students from that country. In turn, if the student wants to engage in a business endeavor, he/she may wish to make some connections and acquaintances in other countries. Through social media platforms, this can all be done effortlessly. The good news is that there are a number of companies who are providing great SMM services.

Apart from reaching out to new customers, a social media marketing company also provides support when it comes to helping its client firms enhance their online presence by interacting with existing customers, developing new clients, and attracting others to a site. Through SMM, the company can also provide advice about the best methods of using social media, how to build a brand online, and even help establish a brand by using the right strategies in advertising and marketing. A social media marketing firm can provide help with SMM by creating an online forum, hosting regular chats and conversations, allowing comments and suggestions, and many other ways through which one can interact with existing and potential clients.

Another advantage of SMM is that it enables a business firm to interact with potential clients. This can come in the form of surveys and questionnaires that would enable them to know what their consumers need. Through these interactive processes, they would be able to learn what their consumers are looking for, especially when it comes to products and services. By engaging with their clients, a social media marketing firm can improve its market position and find new ways to increase sales. It is therefore important that businesses take advantage of SMM.

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