How Internet Access Is Possible Through WiMax Technology


How Internet Access Is Possible Through WiMax Technology

InterNet is a unique networking medium which is used and connected on different electronic devices today. It allows the internet users to transmit, receive, update, send, check and a number of other functions of their data around the globe. With the help of this medium, one can easily connect to other users all over the world by their presence or absence in the area. There are millions of people around the world using the Internet through different applications and services. And in order to maintain the connectivity and to keep the control over the privacy, a router or an IP address is assigned to each computer on a network.

The basic purpose of internet is to provide a platform for communication and exchange of information on the World Wide Web. Though, it is widely used for many other purposes as well. One of the major advantages of internet usage is to save time as people do not need to travel in going to different places for the purpose of accessing the internet. Moreover, it also provides a wonderful platform for entertainment. Many of the websites provide video and audio chatting options, which act as the perfect platform for fun. It has also been observed that the internet usage is increasing day by day, which is a clear indication of the growing importance of the internet.

Due to its wide reach and the number of connections, internet has proved to be a highly useful and a reliable tool for education and research purposes. For this reason, several private universities and colleges use the internet protocol suite as a part of their curriculum, in order to maximize its potential. Different types of competitive exams are conducted and held on the internet. These examinations include national and international tests, which are conducted to assess the talent and the skills of students in different fields.

One of the latest developments in the field of internet services is the invention of Wi-Fi. This technology is based on the radio waves and the high frequency noise created by the various electronic appliances in our home. The technology is used widely for the purpose of wireless internet access and data transmission. A modern version of this technology is known as WiMax, which is spreading slowly all over the world and provides fast internet access.

Another major advantage of using the internet through WiMax technology is the security aspect. This service provider guarantees absolute security for the transmitted data. The network of this WiMax Wi-Fi does not suffer from any kind of attack or damage, thanks to its superior encryption feature. As soon as the transmission starts, an alert will get sent to the receiver, so that it can protect its data with the help of its secure firewall. This ensures that there is no third party interfering in the process.

In addition to these benefits, this technology provides another important benefit, which is the establishment of a strong back up system, which serves as the backbone of the internet connection in a particular area. In other words, the backbone network of this Arpanet is also called the ‘backbone’. As such, if the main center suffers a power cut, for example, all the other centers still continue to function normally, thanks to their backup Arpanet backbone network.

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